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Friday, July 31, 2015

July 30, 2015

Mike and Michelle await Matts arrival at the Glen Haven Post Office while Megan, Becky, Justin, Andrew, Jessica, Ollie and I set off to hike to “The Pond” from the Fern Lake Trailhead in Mora
ine Park. Our two hour 3.4 mile hike is good training for The Loch as its longer, rocky, but low elevation. The trail runs along a beautiful stream and ends at a large part of the stream that runs under the river. Hot and tired hikers sit and enjoy the cool breeze and sounds of rushing water. We make the hike back realizing that its only half as long as Saturdays hike and only 20% of the elevation gain. After the hike we head to Sprague Lake picnic grounds and devour our picnic lunch of chicken wraps. Our hike taught us that The Loch will be a 4-5 hour adventure to the top, we need ALOT more than one bottle of water, and it will be important to let everyone know that its a “everyone for themselves” hike and then set a “time” for the formal ashes spreading for those who make it- it simply will not work to try and stay together with 24 people. I will also request that if you cant make it that you take your own special time to remember David and scatter the ashes along the way- we simply cant assure all the ashes will make it.

Once we arrive back at the house we have a great time relaxing. Mike grills an amazing dinner of chicken and asparagus. Matt has to be awakened just in time to join us and help consume the amazing meal. While watching the beautiful moon rise over the mountain we cook smores and some enjoy the hot tub. I cant help but think about how much David would have enjoyed this day and evening- and believe that indeed he was watching from somewhere, looking down, thankful for the love and fellowship shared- smiling.
Fearless Justin, Becky,Tina,Andrew and Megan climb a boulder

Becky and Megan soak their feet in The Pond

Jess Andrew and Ollie hear the river roar

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