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Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 31,2015

NOTE: Sorry for the lack of photos- my airplane wi-fi would not load!

Everyone but Tina and I head to the Park for a day of climbing and exploring then to Estes. Debbie and Tina stay back to relax before the big hike and prepare for the BBQ tonight. Among our tasks is the preparation of special things for the hike. We divide up ashes, a specially designed water bottle, a trip map from one of Davids journals, and finally Davids favorite hiking snack a snickers bar!

The gang has a great time in the park. The construction frustrations continue as it takes us 2 hours to go into Estes and pick up pies and BBQ! Meanwhile Mikes car makes the 2:10 construction pilot car but Andrew and gang are delayed and miss it by 5 minutes meaning they wait 50 minutes! Yep- only get through once per hour no matter what! They have raised the road 2 feet since we started and according to our construction flagman they have another 8 feet to go! That should make our driveway even more interesting. Glad today is our last day of delays- they stop over the weekend.

Steve, Susan, and Ben Zweig all arrive- Steve in a rental car like mine. Their sighs of relief mirror mine after getting up the drive! Kevin and Angie and the boys also experience the driveway fun but at least their SUV is easier- and Denise arrives during bread breaking looking terrified. Nope- I did not exaggerate- that driveway is hazardous! We have a great evening of fellowship and a pre-hike meeting is held so all are aware of the plan- meet at 7:30- hike at your own pace- service begins at 11:30.

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