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Thursday, July 30, 2015

July 29, 2015

Remembering the construction schedule we get up and ready to leave the house at 9 am so as not to wait at the stop for long- excited we head down the driveway to discover a flagman at the end of the driveway! Additionally  they are behind as a medical emergency has occurred messing the entire process up. Finally after 15 minutes we are allowed to go and set off for the Wild Basin trail head for a long hike to Calypso cascade falls- a place I had never been. When we arrive we discover there is not a single place to park within 2 miles! We give up and take our picnic lunch to nearby Mt Meeker picnic area instead. Ollie finally succeeds in peeing on a tree to much applause. We then head to the visitors center at Beaver Meadows. On the way we are stopped by Mule deer playing in a stream in the middle of Estes Park. After photos we decide to take the tram up Prospect Mountain. We had a great time and enjoyed the view and I enjoyed telling Davids stories about The Craigs and how we saw bears come out of the pool house once. Jessica has to leave to go pick up Andrew at the airport so we take Ollie and head up Trail Ridge Road. He is asleep before we even get to the park and sleeps for the entire ride and most of the grocery store visit! Along the way we see marmots, Elk, deer, and Big Horn Sheep. When we get back to the house we find Mike, Michelle, and Megan waiting and exploring. We set up and work at dinner- true teamwork- only to find the grand grill outside has no propane! So skillet burgers it was. During dinner we see a couple of deer in the back and laugh and tell stories. Jess and Andrew arrive to Ollies delight and he tells them all about the big bathtub and the fire. Another amazing day- filled with Davids smiles and laughs- so glad to watch more and more arrive each day! Tomorrow we see Matt in the morning.

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