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Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 2, 2015

Various levels of soreness are reported from all- personally Im thrilled my training has paid off- no soreness. In honor of Davids style of blogging- here are my reflections from the week in no order of importance:

1. There is no doubt that the spirit of David Oliver lies in the Rocky Mountains! We all felt it and signs were everywhere! From clouds, to animals, to gusts of wind signs were everywhere.
2. As he hoped- stories and laughter were everywhere- and yes a few tears as well.
3. We are so lucky that we had such amazing friends to make this journey- investing time and money and even their health to honor the Loch Vale Promise. David was so loved.
4. David would have loved this event! He would have laughed at the parade and cherished the stories. He would have been so proud of those who did not think they could make it- and the fact that 24 of us- including 2 year old Ollie on Andrew and Justins back, and unfit out of shape me all made it!
5. There is no doubt it took a village to honor all of Davids Exit strategy! From the caregiving to assure his HOPE to the hiking- it took all of us working together to make it happen- he is proud!
6. Mike said it best- this time was about honoring a memory- and beginning to look forward. Exit strategy complete- Re-entry now the challenge!

Thanks to all!

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