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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 27, 2015

We all slept very well- so quiet so peaceful. We awake and need jackets outside its so cool- then the sun pops up over the mountain and we warm right up. After breakfast on the deck we head to Sprague Lake for a warm up hike around and a picnic. We have trouble getting a very tired little man to sleep so come back to our vacation home and get him to sleep. We learn on the way from Glen Haven that they let traffic go at 5 minutes after every hour. We are there 30 minutes early so turn around and head to the famous Glen Haven store, buy some refreshments including cinnamon rolls and wait to get through. Once traffic is let go its much quicker than the other direction. Lucky this will not be an issue on Saturday!

After an amazing dinner on our patio we set out for town to get a few more things. We go to a hiking store and I spy a set of junior hiking poles. I immediately remember David and I seeing a small boy at Bear Lake with them last year and David and I both cried thinking of Ollie impersonating grandpa. I could not refuse and Ollie thinks hes now king of the mountain.

We took the poles to Lilly lake so he could “hike”. On the way we saw and Elk visiting a hotel parking lot- as you can imagine Ollie loved it as well. The temp was falling and sun setting so a brief outing at Lilly lake and we set out for home before it was too dark. After Ollie went to sleep we enjoyed the hot tub under the stars. Another magical day.

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